I create delightful interactive experiences. Projects that spark my interest are physical experiences like museum exhibits, point-of-sale experiences, dedicated UI, consumer electronics, R&D, and prototyping. I also enjoy digital design such as branding, generative design, tool building, and real-time 3D rendering. I love problem solving, working with design to solve challenging UX problems, and believe it’s important to continue learning and growing, as the work itself evolves around us.


  • Over 20 years of experience at the intersection of Design and Engineering.

  • Wide range of expertise across web, native, & hardware, for brand, marketing, & product design.

  • Ability to explain complicated technology and concepts to non-technical audiences

  • Extensive knowledge of programming languages, architectures, and strategies

  • Mastery of design principles across physical, visual, and user experience

  • Dedication to craftsmanship, attention to detail, documentation, and usability

  • Experience as a mentor, teacher, and team leader

Work Experience

Creative Software Engineer / Technology Lead - Front End | Full-Stack | Design
Block Feb 2021 - Current

Working with the brand design team I helped create the new block brand, including creating the interactive Block logo web landing page at using GLSL. As technology lead for the in-house creative studio I've helped lead a team of designers and engineers to build out the website, developed and overseen a number of in-house design tools, and served as engineering consultant on a number of other web projects for block's business units such as Square and TBD.

Prototype Engineer - Full-Stack | Creative Technology
Twitter Oct 2019 - Aug 2020

Working with the Twitter Next (Brand Strategy) team across a variety of creative consulting, prototype engineering, proof-of-concept, and internal tool development. Projects and roles include full-stack React apps, API integrations, UI design, UX design, dev ops, multi-app & multi-platform experience prototypes, hardware prototyping, industrial design, physical fabrication, research & development.

Senior Engineer - Creative Technology
MATTER (acquired by Fjord / Accenture) Jan 2017 - May 2019.

Lead technical consultant & prototype engineer for a team of experience and industrial designers. Duties include; research, prototype engineering hardware and software, user testing, UX development, fabrication, consulting, make-shop management, internal education. Projects in the VR, AR, medical technology, robotics, consumer electronics, and point of sale and exhibit design spaces.

Senior Engineer II - Front End | Full-Stack | Native
Odopod (acquired by Nurun / Publicis) Jan 2008 - Nov 2016.

Long-term senior role for interactive design agency, focused on front end development, software architecture, dev tools, point-of-sale interactive experiences, multi-screen systems, internet of things, native iOS development, research & development, mentorship and team building.

Notable projects include; Tesla retail store kiosk experiences, Audemars Piguet point-of-sale,,, various award winning creative marketing websites.

Clients include; HP, Nike, Tesla, Honda, BF Goodrich, Nest, Dolby Labs, Audemars Piguet, EA Games, Coca-cola, Subzero Wolf, Google, Microsoft, and Sony.

Senior Engineer - Front End
Attik, June 2006 - Aug 2007.

Lead engineer / technical team management. Built several large promotional sites for Scion Lexus, including framework & architecture development and coordinating engineering teams across several countries.


BFA, May 2001. NYSCC, School of Art and Design at Alfred University.

Studies focused on electronic art, graphic and interactive Design.


Javascript, Svelte, Node.js, WebGL, GLSL, Three.js,, Contentful, React, Electron, Gulp, CSS, LESS, SCSS, Responsive, Pug, Native iOS, Swift, Objective-C, ActionScript, build systems, static site generators, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fusion 360, Photoshop, Illustrator, UX Design C++, C#, Next.js, JQuery, SQL, Redis, RegEX, Python, PHP, Dev Ops, Docker, CI, Ansible, Git, Lint, REST APIs, ARKit, A-frame, VR, Blender, Unity, Open Frameworks, OSX native, Circuit board design, Bluetooth, RFID, 3D-Printing, Laser Cutting, Rhino, Grasshopper, CAM, CNC Milling, Video Editing, UI Design, Logo & Branding, Layout, Sketch, Figma, Software design, Generative Design

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